Experimenting with the fediverse

I continue to experiment with using the fediverse, but I haven’t hit on one that I like. The discoverability of content in mastodon is – well – miserable. The lack of federated search strikes me as a case of the head being lodged where the sun doesn’t shine. I expect that will sort itself out with time, but at the moment posting there feels like shouting into a void. At least it isn’t shouting into the cesspool now owned by Elmo Musk.

I’ve recently revived this blog, and started publishing stuff from there to the fediverse. Since this is on a site that I own, I am free to ignore comments that come back to the site. I don’t feel a need to control comments, but I also don’t feel an obligation to publish spam and nonsense alongside my own thoughts. I like the fact that my blog can be found with search, and can be read by people who don’t have an account someplace. Let the conversation take place wherever people want to have it – in private to me via email, in public on twatter, mastodon, or whatever.

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