RSA conference: not clear on the concept

I’ve been amused by the fact that the RSA conference uses a badge that has NFC in it, so that when you visit a vendor booth, they can scan the badge and read information on it.¬†When I read the badge with the NFC on my phone, it showed an opaque blob that was evidently encrypted (or encoded obscurely). I guess that means that RSA doesn’t want YOU to know what is on your badge, but wants their vendors to know. Last year I started a tradition to repeatedly bend the badge and break the RFID tag inside the badge so it is no longer readable (it seemed to be tougher to crack this year). Then I put an NFC tag behind the badge that contains only the URL to Of course the vendors are all expecting to see an encrypted blob on it, so they don’t get the joke. I do it for my own amusement.

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